Bitcoin is going to 1 million! Please read this and relax

Leonardo Fibonacci
3 min readFeb 21, 2021


Bitcoin is going to 1 million! Please relax and read on..

If this is your first Bitcoin bull cycle. You might be feeling euphoric, excited, hyped about the future of Bitcoin. Why not right? Tesla just added Bitcoin to it’s balance sheet, inflation is on the rise and you just doubled your money following your best friend’s advice to buy Bitcoin at 25k.

Allow me to burst your bubble. No pun intended. Every parabolic rise on Bitcoin was followed by major correction!

  1. 2013 -83% after a 418% move
  2. 2015 -87% after a 2477% move
  3. 2018 -84% after a 1900% move

Look at this chart. Be honest with yourself at what stage of the market cycle did you buy. Did you buy the bottom when everyone was capitulating at 4k? When Bitcoin was nothing but a ‘’Ponzi scheme’’? Or did you buy Bitcoin at 20k, 25k or even 30k! When everyone and their mother were buying Bitcoin?

People that profit in this market, are people that BUY when the majority are selling and SELL when the majority is buying. The time to buy Bitcoin was 8 months ago, we are nearing the top of this Bitcoin bull cycle and like all the past cycles, we are expected to go in a multi-year bear market. Therefore, you might be thinking of adding to your Bitcoin position but in reality, we are approaching the time to SELL!

The top of this Bitcoin cycle according to our Fibonacci extension is in the 65k-75k range. Does it mean it CAN’T go above 75k? No, it just means that we judge Bitcoin to be way too risky to hold above this level.

You’re probably asking yourself. “How can I actually profit from this Crypto market?! Am I too late to the party?”. The SHORT answer is NO. There are 2 ways to make money in crypto.

1. Buy at the bottom: Buy a coin when no one wants it. After it crashed 80%, 90%, 95%! A coin that has not pumped yet. A coin everyone thinks is dead and is never going back up ever again. All crypto coins go up during a bull market, they just follow different cycles. One coin might pump in December, the other might pump In June. The last thing you want to do is chase the “Hot coin” of the month, you know the coin that has already pumped 1000% in the past week. To summarize this section, you MUST buy the blood in the streets even if the blood is your own!

Wink wink — something like XRP!

2. Trading: With the proper strategy and the right mind state. You can profit 365 days a year, regardless if we are in a bull or bear market. Our strategy is designed to take advantage of the upswing in the market and protect your trading capital. We will be releasing a comprehensive guide on how to use our strategy and give it for free to this community.

** BONUS ***

If you want to be successful in this market you must learn to pay yourself. Never be afraid to take profit and you must accept the reality that you WILL NEVER BUY THE ABSOLUTE BOTTOM AND SELL THE ABSOLUTE TOP. The only way to sleep well at night, in this crypto market, is to put your emotions aside, have a strategy and follow it.

To conclude, the crypto market has opened many doors to a lot of us. Allowed us to profit from financial instruments previously reserved to only the biggest wall street hedge funds. Your financial freedom is in YOUR HANDS! The only thing between you and achieving your financial goals is the BS narrative you learned to tell yourself as to why you can’t make it!

In a world full of sheep’s BE A FUCKING WOLF!!